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Managing Partners

James "Woody" Dillard

Chairman- Managing Principal

Woody Dillard is an entrepreneur who has developed numerous businesses. In 1983 he established and grew Industrial Door Contractors, Inc. and has been growing the company since. Mr. Dillard, gained experience in hangar door design for over 27 years and is currently the largest manufacturer of hangar doors and blast doors in the U.S. Mr. Dillard is also a developer and owner of DRM and industry specialty manufacturing equipment and robotics. Currently at SPG he provides his vast experience in our strategic alliances and partnerships and stays active in daily projects by guiding our Group. 

Mark L'Hommedieu

Chief Marketing Officer

Mark L'Hommedieu is our Chief Marketing Officer. He has extensive experience in marketing all types of products and services within the medical and the real estate industries. Furthermore  he has marketed MRI services, MRI billing operations and operations of CT scanners. He has 27 years experience in medical related fields including pharmaceutical sales, marketing and oversees marketing and logistics for pharmaceutical facilitation and marketing. Mark also oversees our marketing of our land development, mixed use retail, office, residential projects and our hotel development projects for the Group. 

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Alexander Cover

Chief Executive Officer

Alex Cover is an entrepreneur, our Chief Executive Officer and also the CEO of several Florida businesses in the medical, manufacturing, and hospitality industry. Mr. Cover has extensive experience in the real estate industry with a focus on medical facilities and commercial developments. This includes operations and implementation of Open MRI's, Medical Specialty Products Facilitating, as well as claims services for physicians, pharmacies and hospitals. Mr. Cover has over 35 years experience in medical related businesses and has significant experience in developing strategic alliances for South Palafox Group (SPG). 

John D. Levitan

Chief Development Officer

John Levitan is an innovator, entrepreneur and leader in both real estate and the medical development marketplace. He has over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience

in private businesses such as the private jet industry, waste management industry, second tier financial industry and pawnbrokers association. Currently Mr. Levitan serves SPG as the Chief Development Officer and oversees the development of numerous real estate projects, commercial, residential and landmark hotel properties. 

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Our Team

Daniel Levitan

Dan is charged with several responsibilities that include: Project Acquisition, Media Relations, Communications. Project & Financial Development (Hotel Resorts Acquisitions & Developments) Renewable Energy Project Finance, Logistics Coordination, Regulatory Affairs, Medical Marketing, Social Transition Coordinator and is the Executive Assistant to the Partners & Advisory Board of Directors. 

Project Manager

Arthur Fletcher II

Arthur serves as our trusted advisor at SPG and General Counsel. He is a graduate of Barry School of Law. Perviously he has been an Assistant State Attorney and spent some time prosecuting criminal cases in Florida. He has provided his knowledge and expertise by counseling the underserved communities of Escambia County Florida. He joined the nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization Circle, Inc., where he presently holds the position of Vice President. Circle, Inc. is a state-accredited CHDO specializing in affordable housing for low-income families. 

General Counsel

Jim Riggins

Jim has over 20 years of experience in marketing all type of products and services within the medical and real estate industries. He has marketed MRI services, MRI billing operations and operations of CT scanners. Since the beginning, he has a unique ability to identify high quality projects for our consideration. 


Mallorie Keeley

Mallorie Keeley is our Creative Specialist. Her educational accomplishments include receiving her degree in Graphic Design from East Carolina University. She has worked in the past at a hospitality design firm creating thousands of pieces of fine art for hotels and restaurants around the globe. Some of her work has been published in Hospitality Design Magazine. She has also operated freelance, branding business and pained murals for local attractions. Using their combined expertise, Mallorie and Austin work closely together to provide a polished and professional look to all of our projects and overall aesthetic. 

Creative Design Specialist

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Tim Hart

Tim has over 30 years experience in the restoration and renovation industry. He is a master carpenter, and has extensive knowledge of building maintenance and daily operations within our facilities. Tim is responsibilities include 

commercial marina side facilities, oceanfront private residences, condominium unites, office buildings, restaurants, and the physical plant for each physical site including renovation and coordination of our properties. Our properties contain mixed use private and retail spaces as well as commercial and private facilities requiring daily oversight by Tim.

Facility Supervisor

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Sen. Greg Evers

Robert Gregory "Greg" Evers is a farmer and a businessman who served as a member of the Florida Legislature from 2001 to 2016 where he was viewed as a sensible and "make it happen" legislator. Senator Evers represented parts of Northwest Florida and passionately served and fought for not only his constituents, but for all Florida citizens. The National Rifle Association awarded Greg with numerous A+ ratings for his avid support of Second Amendment Rights. Senator Evers seeks less government regulation by seeking private solutions for Florida and its citizens. Senator Evers is SPG's trusted advisor to several levels of State Government and oversees all political affairs for the Group.

Chief Political Affairs

Richard M. Beckish Jr.

Richard has extensive and diverse experience in litigation, contractual agreements and corporate law. He is a member of the Bar of the United States Supreme Court, the Supreme Court of Alabama, The United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, the United States District Court of the Northern District of Florida and for the Southern District of Alabama. Perviously Richard has served as the Assistant Attorney General for the State of Alabama. Richard serves as SPG's Senior General counsel

Senior General Counsel

Michele Riggins

Michele Riggins has over 20 years experience in the medical and business management. Overseeing the Group's financial reporting operations. Michele is responsible for guiding financial decisions by accumulating financial data. Michele places that data into a format so those decision can be made by the Group partners. She is further responsible for maximizing the return on financial assets by establishing financial policies, procedure, controls and reporting systems. She also maintains financial oversight and training employees. She completes these assignments by implementing operational requirements by scheduling and assigning employees. Michele make significant contributions to the team effort by accomplishing financial related reporting on a scheduled and timely basis.  


Austin-Marie Levitan

Austin serves as our Design and Development Manager. She is a graduate of East Carolina University where she gained a Business Degree concentrating in Hospitality Management. She has extensive experience in Design, Development and Hospitality. In the past she has worked for both non-profits and for profit companies. As the Design and Development Manger, she works closely with our partners and creative team to organize the singular design for each of the developments including architectural finesse, development of the properties and brand portfolios. 

Design & Development Manager

Vivian Gilmore

Vivian is responsible for the daily accounting and bookkeeping activities for the Group. By using programs such as QuickBooks and associated proprietary programs. Vivian holds a degree in Health Services Management  from Pensacola State College. Vivian has over 8 years pervious experience in Office Management where she developed her attention to detail. In addition Vivian implements the financial reporting and accounting policies including daily maintenance and record keeping of accounts. Included in these responsibilities she oversees verification and entry of accounts to accounts for financial transactions by establishing a chart of accounts. She also maintains subsidiary accounts verifying, allocating, posting transactions, and reconciling entries. 


Scott Miller

Scott Miller has been a fixture in Northwest Florida politics for almost twenty years. As a campaign operative and consultant, Scott has been involved in some of the highest profile political campaigns and issues including all of the campaigns of the late Senator Greg Evers.Scott has maintained an active media presence frequently called to be both guest, contributor and host for local talk radio and print media as well as guest interviews on NPR’s Morning Edition. Scott works with South Palafox to manage the company’s relationships with various levels of state and local government.

Government Relations

Chris Thompson

Mr. Thompson is a Managing Partner with South Palafox Construction, LLC.  A certified General Contractor for the State of Florida. Mr. Thompson has 20+ years of experience that has allowed him the opportunity of learning every facet of the construction process including project management, estimating, budgeting value engineering and scheduling. Mr. Thompson has directly managed over 500-million in new construction and capital improvement projects. His projects have included multi-family, senior living, single family subdivisions, commercial, retail mixed use, Hotels and student living facilities around the country. Chris has completed projects in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida.  

Construction Manager

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