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Sen. Greg Evers joins NEUSA Advisory Board

For Immediate Release: (Pensacola, FL February 15th, 2017) National Energy USA is pleased to announce that Senator Greg Evers has joined the Board of Directors, effective February 23rd, 2017.

National Energy’s Founder, CEO & Chief Scientist, Dave Robau saying “Senator Evers vast experience in Government and the legislature gives us a great opportunity in our private public projects. He brings a wealth of knowledge on government operations to our Company.”

Robert Gregory "Greg" Evers is a farmer and a businessman who served as a member of the Florida Legislature from 2001 to 2016 where he was viewed as a sensible and "make it happen" legislator. Senator Evers represented parts of Northwest Florida and passionately served and fought for not only his constituents, but for all Florida citizens. The National Rifle Association awarded Greg with numerous A+ ratings for his avid support of Second Amendment Rights. Senator Evers seeks less government regulation by seeking private solutions for Florida and its citizens. Senator Evers is SPG's trusted advisor to several levels of State Government and oversees all political affairs for the Group.

Dave Robau adds “Senator Evers is eager to help push our company forward. The impact of his addition to the board of directors will be apparent in our projects with political sub-divisions in State of Florida Government.”

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