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Our business is our family, and our family is as diverse as the services we provide. We provide management, marketing, and developmental services to numerous industries, including Medical Pharmaceutical Services, Hospitality products, and Medical Device manufacturers. We can offer turnkey solutions for all of your needs ranging from your local Downtown Destinations to Resort Destinations around the globe. Our diversity gives us a strategic advantage on all platform levels, which allows us to perform efficiently and effectively on any local, national, or international projects. We embrace the idea of multiculturalism, and this ideology provides us with the ability to react quickly and intelligently to any of our project needs around the Globe. We currently have over $2.5 Billion in hospitality and real estate projects under development along with over $250 million in annual sales. Our management partners have diverse backgrounds that drive our developmental, operational, and marketing capabilities that provide solutions to any and all product and project challenges. We are a team of visionaries who apply creativity and independent thinking to every aspect of our projects and businesses. Using strategic partnerships, we continue to bring improvement to the businesses and communities we develop. We strive to implement best growth practices in order to drive economic vitality by bundling outside resources in the communities that we develop and ultimately serve. At South Palafox Group, we establish and maintain strategic partnerships that drive our growth in markets such as Northwest Florida, Ohio, Boston, Vietnam, and the Bahamas. We will continue to diligently search out new opportunities both domestically and globally that will feed and support our vision of sustainable long term growth

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