Our business is our family. We provide management and development services to numerous affiliates, from Medical Pharmaceutical Services and Marketing, to Hospitality products, and management services from Downtown Destinations to Resort Destinations around the globe. Our diversity gives us a strategic advantage on all platform levels, as well as in our diverse local, national and international projects. We embrace multiculturalism which provides us with the ability to react with short reaction times within our projects around the Globe. With over $2.5 Billion in hospitality and real estate projects under development,  and over $250 million in annual sales our management staff have diverse backgrounds for development, operations, and marketing of the overall products and project challenges.  We are a team of visionaries who use creativity and independent thinking for our businesses in every aspect of our projects. Using strategic partnerships spanning a wide variety of expert latitudes, we make our business, and the communities we develop better, by employing best growth practices, creating economic vitality, bundling outside resources to increase economic growth by increasing economic opportunities in the communities that we develop and ultimately serve. We are the go-to team of private individuals that use strategic partnerships, both public and private, to increase and develop markets in Northwest Florida, Ohio, Boston, and other National markets and international markets in Grand Bahama, and Vietnam. We also seek to identify other national and international projects which fit into our long term goals for growth.

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