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South Palafox Group to partner with Suffolk

Today South Palafox Group, Pensacola, FL. and Suffolk Construction, Boston, MA have inked a deal for Suffolk Construction to be SPG’s General Contractor on all hospitality projects. Suffolk Construction’s capabilities are established worldwide. With the experience in large resort destination projects and large commercial complexes. SPG Chairman James “Woody” Dillard, Sr. who owns several firms in the United States who is also a longtime specialty contractor has stated:

“We are very pleased that Suffolk Construction has decided to partner with us on our hospitality projects. Suffolk has a team of leaders who have extensive experience in complex site construction, and they employ advanced technology that no other General Contractor we have worked with employs. Their financial expertise and participation in the financial process is a great asset to our projects success. This permits SPG to realize significant price savings in our hospitality projects around the world. Suffolk’s design build expertise and their team’s financial expertise minimizes construction risk, due not only to their advanced technology systems, but also due to their understanding of financial complexities of our projects. This partnership permits us as the owners to see real time budget, real time progress of each site, through the integration of technology of Suffolk in Boston right into our Pensacola Offices, so that we are able to participate easily, not only through the design process, but also during the site preparation and construction phases of every project. We are proud to participate with this General Contractor who is changing the way general Contractors work and due business around the world.”

For any questions please contact us and we would be happy to describe our experience in the process.

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